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Replaying a packet capture
Replay Packet Buffer mode, like Traffic Generator mode, permits the user to create traffic on the network. Unlike Traffic Generator, however, Replay Packet Buffer mode sends some or all of a previously saved capture buffer onto the network.
Classic mode must be enabled.
To replay a packet capture, you must be using a local probe instance. The probe instance on which you want to replay a packet capture cannot be on a remote system.
Note: Replaying a packet buffer is not the same as stream reconstruction. For stream reconstruction, see Reconstructing TCP data streams.
To replay a packet capture:
On the Classic tab, in the Tools group, click Replay Packet Buffer.
Dial displays—the left dial displays the speed (packets per second) of the buffer as it is being replayed. The right dial displays the speed (bytes per second) of the buffer as it is being replayed.
Statistics pane:
This pane displays totals transmitted for the replay, bit rates, and animation to show that a replay is in progress.
Settings pane:
Select buffer and button—allows you to enter the name of the buffer (.BFR) file to be transmitted. Enter the name and address of the file to be transmitted or click the Select buffer button to browse to it.
First packet—allows you to set the number of the first packet in the buffer to be transmitted.
Last packet—allows you to select the number of the last packet in the buffer to be transmitted.
Speed (pkt/sec)—allows you to set the speed, in packets per second, which you would like to attempt to transmit the buffer.
If the speed is set at a higher number than the Observer computer’s NIC is capable of, it will only be able to transmit the buffer at the NIC’s maximum rate.
Generation Mode:
Time period to generate (1-65500 sec)—packets will be generated at the configured speed for the number of seconds specified in the edit box. If the specified contents of the buffer are completely transmitted before the end of that period, the transmission will loop back to the first packet as chosen above.
Number of times to replay this buffer—the buffer file, or the selected portion of it, will be replayed the number of times specified in the edit box.