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Registering custom decode DLLs
Observer allows you to integrate custom-written decode applications into its environment.
Observer allows you to write your own protocol decoder, if you have expert knowledge in the following:
The protocol you are writing the decoder for
The C++ Programming Language
In addition, it helps if you have Microsoft C++ Developer's Studio, as VIAVI has included an example project file for that environment along with the example source code. The Custom Decode Kit is contained in the C:\Program Files\Observer\Drivers\CustomDecodeKit directory (CustomDecodeKit.exe, which is a self-extracting archive). Along with the example project and source files, use the Using the Custom Decode Kit information that outlines the steps in building a DLL.
Once you have built a DLL and placed it in the Program Files\Observer directory, select Register Custom DLL from the Tools menu and add the new DLL to the list of registered DLLs. Once a DLL has been registered, the new decode will be available in the Decode and Analysis tree control.
Note: Custom decodes are only available in Observer Suite. Also,VIAVI does not provide technical support for creating or maintaining custom decodes—only the tool itself.
To register a custom decode DLL:
On the Home tab, in the Tools group, click Custom Decodes.