Understanding Real-time Statistics
In Observer, real-time statistics are gathered by viewing—not capturing or trending—network traffic and incrementing a statistic counter. Statistics are particularly useful for determining network health.
Real-time statistics are fundamentally different from packet captures and network trending. For example, real-time statistics can display the number of errors occurring on your network, the number of established connections, and the bandwidth utilization across the network.
Tip! If you are connected to a GigaStor, you can view statistics in the GigaStor Control Panel
1. On the Home tab, in the Statistics group, click Top Talkers.
2. Click Start to start the tool.
The tool begins to show the relevant statistics. For Top Talkers, it is a tree of protocols and subprotocols seen on your network.
There are Start, Stop, and Settings buttons for the statistics tool (top). Notice that there are three separate statistics tools running, each with its own tab in the tool tray (bottom). Select the tab of the desired tool to display that statistics window. Recall that by dragging the vertical line between the probe and tool window, the window sizes can be adjusted. Right-click a row to show even more options, like filters or start a packet capture on that station.
Figure 7: Statistics tools
VLAN Statistics
Shows the VLANs operating on your network.
Top Talkers Statistics
Lets you see who is using the most network bandwidth.
Protocol Distribution Statistics
Displays all protocols running on the network.
Internet Observer
Show what websites users are visiting and how much time was spent on a website.
Internet Patrol
Allows you to view MAC to IP communication as a list, pairs circle, or charts.
Wireless environments
There are several statistics tailored to provide information that is characteristic or unique to wireless networks. Wireless Site Survey and Wireless Access Point Statistics are available only for wireless interfaces and common statistics such as Top Talkers and Vital Signs contain wireless tabs that are only available when monitoring a wireless interface.