Configuring a FIX profile
Observer uses profiles to analyze FIX data. Default profiles are in three main categories: pre-trade, trade, and post-trade. Within each category, there are numerous variants that allow you to focus on a specific trade type, such as "Pre-trade: Quote Negotiation." You can use the settings described here to edit, create, import, or export a FIX profile.
Table 39. FIX Settings
This option…
Allow you to do this…
FIX Profile
Lists the name of the current profile. The current profile is the rest of the dialog window, including the General Settings and the Type/Message.
Use this button to rename, add a new, or delete a profile. If you have numerous GigaStor probes where you want to use the same FIX analysis options, modify or create the profiles on one system, export them, and import them into the other GigaStor probes.
Use this button to import FIX profiles that was created and exported from another Observer.
Use this button to export a FIX profile.
General Settings
Maximum tracked requests
Lists the maximum number of requests to be tracked during the time frame selected in the Detail Chart. The default is 1000 requests. Typically, 1000 requests should be sufficient to provide the information you seek. If it is not, you may increase or decrease it. By increasing the amount of requests, the amount of system resources needed to analyze the requests is also increased, which means the analysis will take longer to complete.
Ignore duplicate requests
If selected, duplicate requests are ignored. This is the default setting. If unchecked, duplicate requests may be present in the analysis and reduces the number of unique requests in the tracked requests.
Maximum displayed results
Defines the maximum number of results to display in the GigaStor Control Panel for the fastest or slowest responses.
Track not responded requests within
Amount of time used as the threshold that the GigaStor should wait for a response to a request before discarding the request from its analysis data set. If you want only requests that have received a response, uncheck this option.
Type and Message are options defined in the FIX protocol specification. If Track is selected, the FIX transaction type will be part of this analysis profile. All untracked options are ignored for this profile.