How to change where network trending is stored
Network trending data can be stored anywhere. By default, the trending files are kept for each trending instance in C:\Program Files\Observer\NetworkTrending.
The storage limits for the network trending data files are limited only by the hard drive space available. Your GigaStor license only limits how much packet capture data you may have; it has no effect on limits for storing network trending data. You may collect a limitless amount of network trending so long as your hard drive (or RAID) supports it.
1. Click the File tab, and click Options > General Options.
2. Click the Folders tab.
3. Change the Network Trending Folder to a new location of your choice.
We do not recommend pointing to networked directories or mapped drives.
Network trending data will be saved to its new location.
Given the potential volume of data stored by network trending, you may need to consider a management strategy to delete older files.