No network adapter available
After starting Observer, if you do not see any available adapters listed in the “Select Network Adapter” list, it means your NIC does not have the necessary driver or VMONI Protocol settings installed. Use this information to enable your adapter and to install the proper drivers.
1. If Observer is running, close it.
2. Ensure you are logged in to the system with an account with administrator rights.
3. From the Windows Start menu, choose Control Panel > Network and Sharing Center.
4. Click Change Adapter Settings.
5. Right-click any of the Local Area Connections and choose Properties.
6. Look at the list of installed components to verify that the VMONI Protocol Analyzer is listed. Then do one of the following:
If it is not installed, skip to step 7.
If the VMONI driver is listed, remove it. Select VMONI Protocol Analyzer and click the Uninstall button. After the VMONI driver is removed, restart the system and continue with step 7.
7. From the Local Area Connection Properties (step 5), choose Install > Protocol > Add > VIAVI – VMONI Protocol Analyzer and click OK. If the VMONI driver is not listed, click Have Disk, then browse to the VMONI.SYS file located in the Observer directory on your hard drive, select it, and click OK.
The VMONI Protocol Analyzer will now be available to install.
8. Restart the computer after you have completed installing the driver.
You should now be able to select an adapter when starting Observer.