ICMP v6 Parameter Problem
This value is the sum of all identified events in the ICMP Events display.
Possible codes:
0=pointer indicates the error
If the router, gateway or host processing a datagram finds a problem with the header parameters such that it cannot complete processing the datagram it must discard the datagram. One potential source of such a problem is with incorrect arguments in an option. The router, gateway or host may also notify the source host via the parameter problem message. This message is only sent if the error caused the datagram to be discarded.
The pointer identifies the octet of the original datagram's header where the error was detected (it may be in the middle of an option). For example, 1 indicates something is wrong with the Type of Service, and (if there are options present) 20 indicates something is wrong with the type code of the first option.
Code 0 may be received from a gateway or a host.
Possible reasons for the event:
The sending station's TCP stack is failing, has a bad network adapter or a bad network connection.
The router or gateways network connection is failing, or whose TCP stack is failing.