ICMP Time Exceeded
This value is the sum of all identified events in the ICMP Events display.
Possible codes:
0=time to live exceeded in transit
1=fragment reassembly time exceeded
If a router or gateway processing a datagram finds the time to live field is zero it must discard the datagram. The router or gateway may also notify the source host via the time exceeded message.
If a host reassembling a fragmented datagram cannot complete the reassembly due to missing fragments within its time limit it discards the datagram, and it may send a time exceeded message.
If fragment zero is not available then no time exceeded need be sent at all.
Code 0 may be received from a router or gateway. Code 1 may be received from a host.
Possible reasons for the event:
A routing problem exists in that the route tables have identified a route that is either incorrect, or beyond the number of hops the host considers the maximum.
A packet that was part of a set of fragmented packets was lost due to a malfunctioning router, busy network or failing NIC card on host or router.