ICMP Redirect
This value is the sum of all identified events in the ICMP Events display.
Possible codes:
0=Redirect datagrams for the Network.
1=Redirect datagrams for the Host.
2=Redirect datagrams for the Type of Service and Network.
3=Redirect datagrams for the Type of Service and Host.
The router or gateway sends a redirect message to a host in the following situation: A router or gateway, G1, receives an Internet datagram from a host on a network to which the gateway is attached. The system, G1, checks its routing table and obtains the address of the next router/gateway, G2, on the route to the datagram's Internet destination network, X. If G2 and the host identified by the Internet source address of the datagram are on the same network, a redirect message is sent to the host. The redirect message advises the host to send its traffic for network X directly to gateway G2 as this is a shorter path to the destination. The gateway forwards the original datagram's data to its Internet destination.
For datagrams with the IP source route options and the router or gateway address in the destination address field, a redirect message is not sent even if there is a better route to the ultimate destination than the next address in the source route.
Codes 0, 1, 2, and 3 may be received from a router or gateway.
Possible reasons for the event:
a) There is a better route to the ultimate destination