GeoIP Settings
There may be times when you want to know more about an IP address you are seeing in Observer. Using an external geolocation service, you can more easily find out information such as the IP’s carrier or service provider and the city, state, and country where the IP address is located in the world. This information could be valuable in identifying the source of a security threat, malicious communication, or a simply an incorrectly configured system somewhere in the world impacting your organization.
This tab allows you to define a URL that is called and opened in a web browser. By default the geolocation service of the GeoIP website is used, but you may change this to any geolocation service you wish.
You can look up the geolocation information for an IP address when you are on the Decode and Analysis tab in Observer or when you are on the IP Stations tab in the GigaStor Control Panel. For instance, click the Top Talkers tab, select an IP address, right-click and choose Connect to the Selected Station via > GeoIP Lookup.