General tab
The General tab allows you to specify how Observer interacts with VoIP packets, such as which packets identify a new call and how jitter is displayed. See Table 24 for a list of noteworthy settings.
Table 24. VoIP General tab
Identifying new calls
These settings tell Observer which VoIP packets are recognized as a new phone call. If you ever have trouble seeing VoIP calls in network trending, try experimenting with these settings.
Allow multiple concurrent calls on an IP pair
Some VoIP phones allow multiple, concurrent calls between the same IP addresses. By default (setting disabled), Observer stops looking for calls once it finds setup information exchanged between a pair of IP addresses until that call is closed.
Enabling this setting causes Observer to further process the packets to look for multiple call streams, which can take more time but allows for more accurate call tracking.
Track SIP by IP pair and Call-ID
When selected, Observer identifies a VoIP call based on an IP address/port pair combination along with a Call ID. The call ID is generated by the telephone initiating the conversation. If unchecked, only the IP address/port pair is used. Disabling this option is not recommended.