General tab
This tab allows you to set how the analyzer functions. Preferences you can set on this tab include:
Whether Observer asks for confirmation before doing certain things
What application certain file extensions are association with
Whether any features are disabled
Several display and formatting options
Several start and runtime options
The Remember expert post-capture statistic data when switching tabs field is only available when the product is installed on 64-bit systems because of memory limitations of 32-bit systems.
One option of note is: Enable port control via command line on capture card (xxxGig2010) capture cards. This option is only available for 1 Gb, 10 Gb, or capture cards released with version 15 or later. It will not work for any capture cards in probes purchased prior to version 15 and later upgraded to version 15. The command line usage and options are:
NiDecodeApi.exe -VIRTADAPTER=C:;V:;P:
Sets the ports for the capture card to be on or off from a command line using NiDecodeApi.exe -VIRTADAPTER. Parameters must be separated by a semi-colon (;).
Specifies that the capture card is a either a 1, 10, or 40 Gb capture card. The options are:
Specifies the virtual port adapter number. The capture card supports up to four virtual adapters. You may only specify one virtual adapter at a time.
Specifies whether a port is on or off for a given virtual adapter. The capture card has up to 12 ports.
Ports can be partially filled. For instance:
P:; means all ports are off.
P:1; means port 1 is on and all others are off.
P:0001;means ports 1, 2, and 3 are off and port 4 is on. If the capture card has more than four ports, any ports beyond 4 are also off.
NiDecodeApi.exe -VIRTADAPTER=C:oneGig2010;V:1;P:1111
NiDecodeApi.exe -VIRTADAPTER=C:tenGig2010;V:3;P:01010101
NiDecodeApi.exe -VIRTADAPTER=C:fortyGig2010;V:2;P:11110101