Folders tab
This tab allows you set the directories that hold Observer data. In most cases, the defaults are fine. We do not recommend pointing to networked directories or mapped drives.
Network Trending Folder
The location for Observer to store Network Trending data.
Network Trending Viewer data size (in MB)
The maximum amount of memory to use when loading trending data in the network trending viewer. If the data exceeds the specified memory limit, an error message is displayed.
Folder for GigaStor and saving packets to disk
The default save location for packet captures. Automatically generated files are also stored here, like packet capture data collected by GigaStor.
The default directory for a GigaStor appliance is D:\DATA.
SNMP Trending Folder
The location for Observer Suite to store SNMP Trending data.
Write SNMP Trending data to disk every N-minutes
Allows you to set the number of minutes the system will wait before writing trended SNMP data to disk.
Compiled SNMP MIB folder
The location for Observer to store and access compiled SNMP Management Information Base (MIB) files. The default is C:\Program Files\Observer\SNMP.
We do not recommend changing this unless you have a specific reason to do so. When you change the MIBs or requests directory, any currently installed MIBs (or requests) will become inaccessible to the SNMP Management Console and its supporting utilities. If you change these directories, you will need to move the files in the existing directories to the new location. All executable files in the SNMP Management Console package use these definitions to find installed MIBs and requests.
SNMP Requests folder
Allows you to define the path to the directory where SNMP Management Console should look for compiled request files. The default is C:\Program Files\Observer\SNMP.