How to adjust the statistical buffer
There are two kinds of buffers that a probe instance uses to store data in real-time: a capture buffer and a statistical buffer. The capture buffer stores raw data captured from the network; the statistical buffer stores statistical entries and nothing more. This section is only concerned with statistical buffers.
The default statistics memory configuration Medium - (default) is sufficient for most users and does not need to be changed. The memory settings are preconfigured based on network size. Each individual statistic is collected as a table entry in non-reserved system RAM, where the processed data is stored. Choose the relative size of the network you are monitoring with this probe instance.
1. To view and manage memory allocation for probe instances, click the Memory Management tab to display the list of instances and their buffer sizes.
Note: When allocating memory for a probe instance with a capture card as the chosen adapter, at least 80 MB of memory must be allocated to both the capture buffer and statistics queue buffers. Failure to do so will result in the inability to capture data.
2. Right click any instance and select Configure Memory to access the memory allocation dialog.
Figure 17: Probe Instance Memory
3. Choose the size of network you are monitoring with this probe instance.
4. Click OK.