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Installing the wireless NIC driver on Windows 7/Vista
See the information in Monitoring a wireless access point, which contains details about raw packets and promiscuous mode for the network card.
Follow these instructions to install the wireless driver for your network card:
1. Click Start and then right-click on the ‘Computer’ icon and choose Properties.
2. Click Device Manager.
3. Right-click on the wireless adapter you want to use as your capture card and choose Update Driver Software.
4. Choose “Browse my computer for driver software.”
5. Choose “Let me pick from a list of drivers on my computer.”
6. Click Have Disk and use the drivers in this location:
Example: C:\Program Files\Observer\DRIVERS\Wireless\Atheros_Vista
7. Click Next and Windows installs the driver for your wireless card.
To confirm that you correctly installed the driver for the wireless network card, open Observer. If the probe instance shows (Wireless) behind it, then it is correctly configured.
Figure 68: Probe instance using wireless adapter
If the probe instance shows (Ethernet), then either the network card driver was not correctly installed or the probe instance is not configured to use that network card. You can confirm the correct network card is selected, by choosing Actions > Select Network Adapter Card.
After completing this task:
License your probe by following the instructions in Licensing and updating.
If your wireless network uses an encryption key, you must add the encryption key information. See Configuring the probe’s adapter speed, ToS/QoS precedence, and statistics sampling.