Enabling VoIP alarms
Alarms are a powerful and often overlooked feature of Observer. Using alarms, you can trigger pre-defined actions to occur when network conditions are met, making network management simpler and more predictable. Best of all, alarms allow you to proactively manage your network no matter where you are physically located.
Tip! You can learn more about Observer alarms by seeing Configuring and using alarms—a wealth of information is provided there should you need it.
To enable alarms for VoIP, complete the following steps:
1. Click the Alarms Settings button, near the bottommost portion of Observer’s window. The Alarm Settings window appears.
2. Click a probe instance to highlight it.
3. Click the Selected Instance Alarm Settings button. The Probe Alarms Settings window appears.
Figure 55: Enable VoIP alarms here
4. In the alarm list, click VoIP Alarms to expand the list of VoIP-specific alarms.
5. Enable one or more VoIP alarms by checking the appropriate boxes. Likewise, you can disable any VoIP alarm by clearing them.
Until you customize the alarms, Observer uses the built-in, default triggers and actions for each. If necessary, see Customizing triggers and actions and Creating filter-based alarms.
6. Click OK to save your changes.
You successfully enabled one or more VoIP alarms, and you can repeat this process at any time.