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Collecting VoIP or video conferencing trending data
By default, VoIP data is not collected by Observer’s network trending tool. Instead, you must manually add it to the list of data streams that network trending collects.
Tip! You can learn more about Observer’s network trending tool by seeing Understanding the Network Trending tool—a wealth of information is provided there should you need it.
Despite enabling the collection of VoIP data in Observer, VoIP data streams can only be parsed by Observer if it (the analyzer) has visibility of RTP or RTCP packets. Usually, this visibility is regulated by the VoIP system itself; please refer to your VoIP system documentation for more details.
To enable VoIP data collection in network trending—so Observer collects VoIP data—complete the following steps:
1. On the Home tab, in the Capture group, click Network Trending > Network Trending.
2. Click the Settings button.
Figure 52: The Network Trending Settings window
The Network Trending Settings window appears.
3. Select the VoIP and Videoconferencing Trending data collection type.
4. Select the desired VoIP trending types from the two boxes directly below VoIP and Videoconferencing Trending.
5. Click OK to confirm and save your changes.
You successfully configured network trending to collect VoIP data. You can further configure your VoIP collection settings by seeing Configuring network trending settings for VoIP or video conferencing.
You can start the actual collection process by following the instructions at Collecting network trending data.