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Enabling or disabling applications that use dynamic ports
When run, the Server Application Discovery tool automatically recognizes applications (if any are seen) that are known to use dynamic ports; they appear light blue in your discovery results. These applications are flagged by the Observer software as being dynamic, and this designation cannot be changed.
You can, however, enable or disable dynamic port discovery for each application known by Observer to use dynamic ports by completing the following steps:
1. Click the File tab, and click Options > Protocol Definitions.
2. Click a protocol/applications definitions tab that interests you (seen below the Start and Stop buttons).
3. Scroll through the list of application definitions, and find a dynamic port application.
Dynamic port applications always display the string(dynamic - enabled) or (dynamic - disabled) in the ports column of the table.
4. Right-click a dynamic port application, and click Enable/Disable Dynamic Discovery.
Figure 14: Enabling or disabling a dynamic port application