Enabling probe instance alarms
Probe instance alarms are tied directly to your probe instances. Each probe instance alarm is the alarm gatekeeper for one probe instance.
This means individual alarms only function if its respective probe instance alarm is enabled. The benefit of this design allows you to enable or disable all alarms without affecting the enabled/disabled status of the underlying individual alarms.
Note: If you are using Observer in analyzer mode and switch to its Expert Probe interface, any alarms you had directed to the analyzer are automatically disabled. You should direct the probe instance to a different Observer before switching to the Expert Probe to receive those alarms.
To enable a probe instance alarm, complete the following:
1. Click the Alarms Settings button, near the bottommost portion of Observer’s window (circled in the image).
Figure 41: Click the Alarm Settings button
2. Enable any probe instance alarm by enabling your chosen probe instance.
3. Click OK to save your changes.
You successfully enabled the probe instance alarm for your chosen probe instance; this setting persists until disabled. Individual alarms can now be configured and used, and such information can be found in Enabling individual alarms.