Does network trending have any limitations?
The volume of data passing through a large network is usually very high, and monitoring network statistics over a long period of time can impose limitations on the amount that can be monitored and stored in the statistics buffer. Therefore, monitoring every packet may not be practical.
Observer, like other protocol analyzers, deals with this problem using a mechanism called sampling. Sampling monitors only a portion of the total data flowing on a network, at any one moment, and statistically adjusts the results to represent a statistically accurate total based on the sample size of the data monitored.
Tip! Each network trending file can grow to a maximum of 4 TB.
This means that a protocol analyzer, through sampling, processes only one packet in every X number of packets. Here, the number X is called a sampling divider. If your processor(s), memory, buffer sizes, and installation of Observer can handle monitoring every single packet, both in high and low traffic conditions, you may be able to set your sampling divider to one (1). Typically, however, protocol analyzers that try to monitor each incoming data packet tend to drop packets during high traffic bursts and less in slower traffic periods.