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Discovering server applications on the network
Tip! Typically, the Server Application Discovery tool is used only when needed; running the discovery continuously provides little benefit over running it on demand. For example, many users run the Server Application Discovery tool only long enough to discover a set of applications that they want to interact with using the right-click menu.
To fully understand Observer’s application discovery method, and how to modify it, we recommend you review this entire section.
Using the Server Application Discovery tool, Observer can automatically analyze network traffic and identify servers and applications, along with the ports being used. Observer then reports how confident it feels each discovery is using a color legend seen along the bottom of the window.
To discover server applications running on the network, complete the following steps:
Tip! To save time, you can import and export your protocol definitions. Choose Options > Protocol Definitions and Server Application Discovery > Tools and select the option you want. If you use OMS, you can have OMS collect and publish your protocol definitions. The setting to enable is at Options > Observer General Options > Security >Synchronize user protocol definitions through OMS.
1. Click the File tab, and click Options > Protocol Definitions.
2. If you have applications that use non-standard ports or you want to specify a range of IP addresses, click Settings to modify the settings before starting the server discovery process.
3. Click the Server Application Discovery tab. This screen is where the discovery occurs.
4. Click the Start button to begin discovering applications. Clicking any of the Protocol or Application Definitions tabs cause the search to automatically stop. You will need to restart the search.
Wait patiently for the discovery process to begin showing results; this may take some time because the tool acts passively—results are collected and not “grabbed”. Results appear in the manner shown in Figure 9.
Figure 9: Server applications being discovered
You successfully discovered server applications seen on the network. Right-click any result to perform additional functions such as adding the server directly to the Network Trending tool. Remember, you can repeat the server application discovery process at any time for any reason.