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Discovering current top talkers on the network
The Top Talkers tool lets you see who is using the most network bandwidth, which can show whether a particular user, station, or application is consuming excessive network bandwidth. View LAN use patterns, detect faulty network hardware, and determine what percentage of the network's bandwidth potential each system is using, all from one comprehensive window.
Tip! If you are considering implementing a switch, the information gathered by the Top Talkers tool can help divide stations effectively for your switch.
In Observer top talkers are defined as stations or devices that process more packets per second than others during an observed period of time.
Note: Top talker statistics are relative; for example, an active station may appear especially “chatty” during times when other stations are idle.
To immediately identify the stations using the most bandwidth, sort by %Bytes, which is done by clicking that column heading. You can determine whether systems generating the most traffic are servers (which probably means everything is OK) or user workstations (which could indicate a hardware problem or unauthorized use of a computer).
You can start a packet capture on any of the listed addresses by right-clicking that entry. The right-click menu also allows you to list the protocols generated by the selected station.
To discover current top talkers on the network:
1. On the Home tab, in the Statistics group, click Top Talkers.
2. Click Start to begin the tool.
Observer displays a tree of protocols and subprotocols seen on your network.