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Discovering conversations between local devices
The Pair Statistics tool tracks established connection between local devices. Observer recognizes each of these conversations to be a station pair.
Many statistics are kept for each pair, including the packets and bytes in each direction, and the latency for each direction. Latency can further be configured to be ignored after a certain number of milliseconds. Latency configuration will make Observer only track packets that are part of a true conversation flow.
Over a few hours, you will find that almost every station on your segment will have some sort of conversation with every other station. This is why Observer provides the ability to zoom in on a specific conversation on the top of your display. This will make watching one conversation amongst many hundreds much easier. To zoom in, highlight the pair you are interested in and it will be displayed on the top of the Pair dialog.
In Pair Circle view, the thickness of each line represents the amount of data flowing between the stations, and the thickness grows in a logarithmic pattern.
To discover conversations between local network devices:
1. On the Home tab, in the Statistics group, click Pair Statistics.
2. Click the Start button to activate the tool.
3. Click Settings for more configuration options.
4. To view a different layout, click the View button and select another.
Results can be saved in a comma delimited file using File > Save > Save Data.