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Disabling logging of certain event types
Logs are a simple and effective way for you to track Observer related events. This section describes which events Observer can log and how to control the behavior of Observer log files in general.
By default, Observer logs the following event types to a daily log file:
This section describes how to disable logging of any event type. If you have no reason to disable logging of certain event types, this section has little to offer you. As an alternative, see Changing log file behavior instead.
To disable logging any or all event types, complete the following steps:
1. In the bottom portion of Observer’s main window, click Log Settings. The Log Settings window appears.
2. Disable any or all event types from being logged.
3. Disable logging for specific devices and/or probe instances from this menu.
4. Click OK to confirm and save your changes.
Figure 40: The Log Settings window
Disabled event types do not appear in the log window of Observer’s main window and are not recorded in the log file.