Defining your subnets in GigaStor
You can specify subnet properties for the GigaStor to allow for statistical aggregation of devices within the Statistics tabs in GigaStor Control Panel.
1. On the Home tab, in the Capture group, click GigaStor.
2. Click the Settings button.
3. Click the Subnet tab.
4. Use the Add, Delete, Modify, Import, and Delete All buttons to configure the subnet settings for the GigaStor. When you define subnets in the GigaStor Control Panel, Observer adds that subnet information to its index files. All future data analyzed will have subnet filtering readily available as well as statistical data. On the IP Stations tab you see your subnets and you can perform statistical analysis based on subnets.
When you analyze data from captures with index files without any subnets defined, there will be no subnet available in the IP stations tab even if the analyzed data includes some index files with the new subnet information.
Tip! You can import subnet ranges using an ipsubnetrange file. See Structure of an .ipsubnetrange file.