Customizing alarm triggers
Alarms triggers are highly flexible; you can customize the sensitivity of each trigger based on your needs. There are almost 200 predefined alarm triggers. Different background colors are used to distinguish one type of alarm from another type.
Some notes about the triggers.
Analysis interval–The analysis interval can be unique for each trigger. It can be as low as 1 second. For VoIP the minimum analysis interval is 60 seconds (1 minute for the “Repeat alarm for chronic condition” setting). For triggers that do not have a configurable analysis interval, it is 15 seconds.
Minimum active calls—For VoIP triggers, the minimum active calls is the number of active calls during that analysis interval. It does not mean the number of active calls above or below your defined threshold.
Try customizing some triggers yourself:
1. Click the Alarms Settings button, near the bottommost portion of Observer’s window. The Alarm Settings window appears.
2. Click a probe instance to highlight it.
3. Click the Selected Instance Alarm Settings button. The Probe Alarms Settings window appears.
4. Enable any alarms by selecting them. At least one alarm must be enabled before step 5 operates correctly.
5. Click the Triggers tab. Triggers for all enabled alarms now appear.
6. Customize any or all alarm triggers to your liking.
7. Click OK to save your changes.
You successfully customized the triggers of your enabled individual alarms. You can repeat this process at any time in the future and for any reason.