Customizing alarm actions
Prerequisite: Observer Suite
Alarm actions are extremely powerful as they allow Observer to automatically react to triggered alarms any way you feel necessary. Customize the actions of any of your enabled alarms by completing the following steps:
Note: By default, Observer uses the same alarm actions for all enabled individual alarms. If, instead, you want to configure independent alarm actions per individual alarm, disable this setting: Apply the Same Action to All Enabled Alarms (end-result shown in Figure 44).
1. Click the Alarms Settings button, near the bottommost portion of Observer’s window. The Alarm Settings window appears.
2. Click a probe instance to highlight it.
3. Click the Selected Instance Alarm Settings button. The Probe Alarms Settings window appears.
Figure 44: Independent alarm actions can now be customized
4. Select each alarm you want to enable. At least one alarm must be enabled before step 5 operates properly.
5. Click the Actions tab. Actions for all enabled alarms now appear.
6. Customize any or all alarm actions to your liking.
7. Click OK to save your changes.
You successfully customized the actions of your enabled individual alarms. You can repeat this process at any time in the future and for any reason.