Understanding GigaStor accelerated analysis
GigaStor accelerated analysis significantly increases the speed that analysis results are made available in the GigaStor Control Panel. Accelerated analysis first became available in, and starting in it is now always enabled.
Accelerated analysis improves speed by bypassing the data mining process for packets pre-determined to not match your criteria. In non-accelerated analysis, every packet in the GigaStor during your selected time slice requires examination against your analysis query before processing can complete. With accelerated analysis this is no longer the case. If your analysis query can be accelerated, your query will be accelerated in-part or in-full without any extra steps to follow. Your returned results are always as accurate as the “normal” speed data mine.
Note: GigaStor accelerated analysis requires version or later. Starting in, it remains enabled at all times.
No special or extra hardware is required for accelerated analysis to operate. This means both the GigaStor hardware appliances from VIAVI and GigaStor Software Edition on your own hardware can all use accelerated analysis. Likewise, the speed increase from accelerated analysis works on active instances and their passive instances. For example, redirected probe instances to a local Observer will benefit from accelerated analysis.
Accelerated analysis cannot increase the data mining speed of traffic that was collected previous to To determine which incoming packets can be accelerated in future data mines and why, accelerated analysis must see the packets as they arrive. For example, if you are upgrading to from a previous version, none of your existing GigaStor data can benefit from accelerated analysis because old versions did not have the feature. Anything new you collect is a candidate for accelerated analysis.
If any portion of your analysis query cannot be accelerated, log entries are shown in the Observer log. This means that if no log entries are recorded when you perform GigaStor analysis, the entire query was sped up with accelerated analysis. If you see log entries that state accelerated analysis could not be used for part or all of your data mine, it may lead to clues as to why that happened. Accelerated analysis attempts to speed up as much of your data extraction as possible.
Accelerated analysis cannot accelerate any analysis that is specifically asked to include Expert Information Packets in the results. Asking that Expert Information Packets be in your GigaStor analysis results causes a condition where Expert Information Packets are meeting the criteria of your analysis query every 1-second (the frequency that expert packets are stored) and therefore negates any performance gains from accelerated analysis because no packets are bypassed. A warning message of longer extraction times is displayed in the GigaStor Control Panel if you attempt to include expert packets. Overall, you do not need to disable the collection of Expert Information Packets for accelerated analysis to operate correctly—simply do not ask for expert packets in your analysis results.
Filter elements that support accelerated analysis
GigaStor accelerated analysis supports single and multiple-element data extraction filters. If at least one of these listed element configurations is in your analysis filter, then accelerated analysis is possible.
Accelerated analysis occurs when your GigaStor extraction filter has at least one of these filter elements. You can join these with any other filter element using an AND statement and get the benefits of accelerated analysis. Conversely, your extraction cannot be accelerated if you use an OR statement in your extraction filter; in these cases, the GigaStor extracts data at normal speeds.
Note: IP addresses refer to either IPv4 and IPv6 unless otherwise noted.
IP Address
IP Pair
IP Range