Creating filter-based alarms
A filter-based alarm is an individual alarm created from an Observer filter. This means any filters you create in Observer can be used as alarms.
The first step in creating a filter-based alarm is to become familiar with Observer alarms in general; see Configuring and using alarms if you have not already.
To create a filter-based alarm, complete the following steps:
1. Click the Alarms Settings button, near the bottommost portion of Observer’s window. The Alarm Settings window appears.
2. Click a probe instance to highlight it.
3. Click the Selected Instance Alarm Settings button. The Probe Alarms Settings window appears.
4. In the Filter Based Alarms area, click New. The Alarm Filter window appears.
Figure 43: Creating a new filter-based alarm
5. Now, select a filter you previously created from the list, or click New Filter to create a new filter.
6. Save all of your filter changes (if any), and select the new alarm to enable it.
7. Click OK to confirm and save your changes.
Your filter-based alarm is now enabled and triggerable. If you need to customize the triggers, follow the procedure in Customizing triggers and actions.
Remember, you can enable any number of filter-based alarms, but each filter-based alarm can only be created from one filter.