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Connecting to a probe for the first time from Observer
1. Click the File tab, and click Setup > Redirect Probe Instance(s).
2. Click New to add the probe to the Probe Administration and Redirection list.
3. Type the IP address that you assigned to the probe and click OK. You may leave the other fields blank. If you type a name, the name will change after Observer connects to the probe. The probe appears in the list of available probes.
4. Select the probe and then click Redirect Selected Probe.
5. Select the probe instance and click Redirect Selected Instance.
6. Choose the “Redirect to this Observer” option, then click the Redirect button. Within 30 seconds the probe will connect with the analyzer.
Probe redirection can be password protected or disabled. Please see Connecting the Multi Probe or Expert Probe to an Observer for details. If the probe is not connecting, see A probe is not connecting to the analyzer or vice versa. After the probe is connected, see Configuring the probe’s adapter speed, ToS/QoS precedence, and statistics sampling.
7. Close the Probe Instance Redirection window.