Connecting the probe to an Observer
There are two ways to connect the probe to an Observer. The method described here shows you from the perspective of the probe. The second way is described in Connecting the Multi Probe or Expert Probe to an Observer. All actions are done on the probe itself.
1. Choose Options > Probe Redirection Settings. The Probe Redirection Settings dialog opens.
2. Use Table to complete the settings. If the probe is not connecting, see A probe is not connecting to the analyzer or vice versa.
Observer IP address
Type the address of Observer you want this probe to connect to.
Allow Probe redirection for remote users
Allows remote users to redirect the probe to their Observer. If you want the probe to be able to connect to only one Observer, leave this option unchecked.
User name
By default any user can connect to the probe and no password is required.
Password for the user account.