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Connecting the Multi Probe or Expert Probe to an Observer
Prerequisite: Multi or Expert Probe.
There are two ways to connect the probe to an Observer. The method described here is from the perspective of the probe. All actions are done on the probe itself.
If you are in Observer and want to connect to a probe, see .
Each probe instance can be connected to only one Observer at a time. Connecting the probe instance with the analyzer is called “redirecting” it. This is because the probe instance may not be connected to any Observer or it may be connected to a different Observer than the one you want to connect it to. The connection can be done from within the analyzer or from the probe. This section describes how to redirect a probe instance from the probe and assumes that the probe software is running and that you already have a probe instance.
1. Click the Adapters and Redirection tab.
2. Select the probe instance you want to redirect and click the Configure Adapter/Redirection button at the top. The Edit Probe Instance window opens.
3. Select the “Redirect to a specified IP address or DNS name” option and provide the IP address or DNS name. When the probe instance is connected the “Redirected to” column lists the IP address of Observer system. If the probe is not connecting, see A probe is not connecting to the analyzer or vice versa.