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Configuring your network trending settings
Network trending can be configured to monitor only the kinds of statistics you want to store, thereby limiting resource consumption to the information that interests you.
Note: If you want the ability to view web reports, Network Trending must be configured using the steps in this section. Then, Network Trending must be running/collecting data.
There are two high-level tasks you must complete for network trending to function. First, you need to configure your network trending settings as described in this section. Network trending settings include trending types, specific servers to monitor (if any), and a schedule (if any). Second, you need to actually collect the network trending data.
To configure your network trending settings, follow these steps. These point to other locations in this section, which provide the steps you need to complete:
1. Choose the trending types you want to follow—see .
2. Schedule the collection of data from those trending types—see Scheduling your network trending data collection.
3. Add specific servers to trend—Adding specific servers to network trending.