Configuring VMware ESX Server
A virtual machine is a convenient way to add monitoring capabilities to your network. Use this information to create a virtual switch.
Your virtual machine meets the minimum specifications
Multi or Expert Probe is installed
A free physical NIC
The default policy for Promiscuous Mode for the vSwitch itself should remain in the Reject setting. Only the new port group within the vSwitch should be set to Accept Promiscuous mode. You can use the virtual machine properties dialog to identify the Network Connection, listed in the Windows Network Connections dialog, by unchecking the “connected” option.
In the virtual switch to be monitored, add a virtual port group and set it to run in Promiscuous Mode.
Caution: Do not choose the same source and destination for the Virtual TAP Settings. This could cause broadcast/multicast loops and would noticeably impact your network.
1. Open VI Client and highlight the VMware ESX Server Entry.
2. Click the Configuration tab.
3. Click Hardware – Choose Networking.
4. Find the vSwitch for which you would like to monitor traffic and choose Properties.
5. In the vSwitch Properties dialog (Ports tab), click Add.
6. In the Add Network wizard, choose Virtual Machine [port group], give the group a name (“Promiscuous Port Group”), and finish the wizard.
7. In the vSwitch Properties dialog, highlight the new port group and click Edit.
8. Click the Security tab.
9. Select the Promiscuous Mode Policy Exception option and change the list to Accept.
Figure 83: VMware ESX Server
Figure 84: vSwitch Properties
10. Setup a second virtual switch and bind a second physical NIC to that virtual switch.
See Figure 84 Virtual Infrastructure Client > Configuration tab. Then see Figure 86 Add Networking > Add Network Wizard > Virtual Machine.
11. Create a virtual switch.
12. Select the appropriate NIC entry (i.e. Physical NIC 2 on ESX Server).
13. Name the vSwitch (i.e. “vTAP OUT to GigaStor”) and finish.
The result should be similar to Figure 85. See your VMware ESX Server documentation if you need more detailed information on adding a virtual switch.
Figure 85: VMware Add Network Wizard
14. Edit the Virtual Machine that contains the Observer to use the Port Monitor Group and second vSwitch.
15. Select the first network adapter.
16. Change the Network label to the new Port Monitor Group, and add a second virtual NIC if needed.
17. Select the second virtual NIC and change the Network label to the second vSwitch (i.e., vTAP OUT to GigaStor) and click OK.
18. Verify that the Virtual Machine containing Observer is located in both virtual switches.
Figure 86: Virtual Machine Properties
19. Within the virtual machine, setup Observer to VTAP Local Area Connection 1 to Local Area Connection 2.
20. Connect the cable from “NIC 2” on the VMware ESX Server to the GigaStor capture card.