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Configuring the packet capture and GigaStor buffer size
Allows you to set the amount of RAM that Observer will dedicate to the capture buffer cache for this instance. This configuration value has been pre-set for optimum performance given a single active GigaStor monitoring instance. The default settings allows enough memory to set up a number of passive GigaStor instances.
If you wish to run multiple active monitoring instances to watch multiple links or networks, you can decrease the capture buffer size dedicated to GigaStor collection, which frees some memory for creating other probe collection instances. Inadequate memory allocation to GigaStor collection can affect performance and result in dropped packets during high load periods.
A GigaStor Instance can be as large as the physical memory installed on your system after subtracting the memory dedicated to Windows and other probe instances.
To change the allocation for this probe instance, click the Configure button, which will display the probe instance, Memory and Security Administration dialog.
In all cases, the actual buffer size (Max Buffer Size) is also reduced by 7% for memory management purposes. Should you try to exceed the Max Buffer Size an error dialog will be displayed indicating the minimum and maximum buffer size for your Observer (or probe) buffer.