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Configuring Observer to capture partial packets
By default, Observer captures each packet in its entirety. Under certain circumstances, however, you may want to configure Observer to capture a smaller portion of each packet. Such circumstances may include, but are not limited to:
If you have trouble capturing or processing bandwidth spikes
If you are interested in capturing packet headers only
To extend the length of capture time before the buffer is full
To configure Observer to capture partial packets, instead of full packets, complete the following steps:
Note: The partial packet capture setting affects all Observer consoles that connect to this probe instance. You cannot change this setting unless you have administrative privileges to do so. See Configuring user accounts for secure access.
1. On the Home tab, in the Capture group, click Configuration > Packet Capture.
2. Click the Settings button. The Packet Capture Settings window appears.
3. Ensure the Capture Options tab is selected.
4. Enable the Capture Partial Packets setting. For now, leave the default number of bytes unchanged.
5. Click Change Size to increase or decrease the number of bytes to be captured per packet—starting at the beginning of the header. Also, to password protect this field, see Password protecting the ability to change partial packet capture size.
6. Click OK to confirm and save your changes.