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Configuring Observer Suite for SNMP devices
Included with Observer Suite is a full-function SNMP management console that allows you to poll and configure any device that has an SNMP agent, regardless of make or manufacturer.
To query and manage SNMP devices on your network, you must first define these devices within Observer Suite's SNMP Console. For each SNMP device you wish to monitor with Observer Suite, you must know:
The IP address of the device
The SNMP community string for the device (either read or write, but must be write if you want to manage and also monitor the device)
The version of SNMP supported by the device (if unsure, choose SNMPv1, which every SNMP device supports)
The make, model, and manufacturer of the device can be helpful as well
To set up an SNMP device in Observer Suite:
1. On the Home tab, in the Probe group, click Setup > Add SNMP Device.
2. For the device type, click the button to display a list of request files for various SNMP devices were included for your convenience. Request files provide a mechanism for filtering complex MIB definitions down to relevant information, delivered in the format you want. If you cannot find a request file that exactly matches your device, you can easily build one yourself using Observer Suite's MIB Editor. Rather than create the whole request file from scratch, you can make a copy of the “standard” request file (conforming to RFC1213), and modify as necessary. Beyond the general settings on the first tab, two other tabs let you set notification and logging options. They are optional.
3. Repeat the Add Device process for every SNMP device on your network you want to monitor and manage. As you add devices, they are displayed in the SNMP Devices Tree on the left side of the Observer main window.