Configuring the IP application list
Clicking the Configure IP Application List buttons displays the subprotocols and allows you to add a new one, change an existing one, or remove an existing one.
1. To edit or add a protocol, click the Edit or New button.
2. The Configure IP Application Ports dialog is displayed.
3. If you are editing a protocol, the protocol you selected on the List of IP SubProtocols will be displayed in the IP Application box. The information in this box is editable.
4. If you are adding a protocol, enter the desired name of the SubProtocol in the box. You can have a total of 24 subprotocols in your list of IP SubProtocols.
5. Choose either Add TCP or Add UDP, and another dialog is displayed that lets you define a port or range of ports for the IP application. The maximum is five ports. A range of ports counts as two ports. In other words, you can define one range and three ports, or two ranges and one port. You cannot assign three ranges.
6. Click OK to display the List of IP SubProtocols dialog.