Configuring global settings
Real-Time Expert allows you to configure its global settings via the Expert Global Settings window. These global settings influence how Real-Time Expert displays its results and how you, as a user, interpret their meaning.
Note: This section assumes you are familiar with creating packet captures and the packet capture window in general. See Capturing network traffic for more information.
To configure global settings for Real-Time Expert, complete the following steps:
1. On the Home tab, in the Capture group, click Configuration > Packet Capture.
2. Click the Decode button. The Decode and Analysis window appears.
3. Ensure the Expert Analysis tab is selected.
Figure 32: Expert Analysis tab location
4. Click the Settings button. The Expert Settings window appears.
5. Change settings in any or all the tabs to suit your needs.
6. Click OK to confirm and save your changes.
You completed the first of two configuration steps for making Real-Time Expert work best on your network. If you previously have not, follow the instructions in the second step, Configuring expert thresholds.
After completing this task:
The options on the General tab allow you to enable or disable each analysis type (TCP, UDP, and so on). Changes made here are global to the local Observer and impact the current window and all newly opened windows after making any changes. When an item is disabled, it is not visible on the Expert Analysis tab and the corresponding packet processing does not occur. These changes affect packet decoding only. Network trending is not affected.