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Configuring expert thresholds
Expert thresholds define what parameters are used when determining if a particular event is a problem or not. Thresholds are set for all Expert events, and for some events, more than one threshold is set. For example, for TCP Bad Checksums, only the number of frames during the entire capture process is set. Conversely, for FTP Session delays, values are set for slow connect and slow response, including values for grading marginal and critical for each.
Note: This section assumes you are familiar with creating packet captures and the packet capture window in general. See Capturing network traffic.
To configure expert thresholds, complete the following steps:
1. On the Home tab, in the Capture group, click Configuration > Packet Capture.
2. Click the Decode button. The Decode and Analysis window appears.
3. Ensure the Expert Analysis tab is selected.
Figure 35: Expert Analysis tab location
4. Click the Expert Thresholds button. The Expert Thresholds (OSI Model) window appears.
Figure 36: Expert Thresholds button location
5. Click OK to confirm and save your changes.
You completed the second of two configuration steps for making Real-Time Expert work best on your network. If you have not already done so, follow the instructions of the first step, Configuring global settings.