Collecting forms information
Forms are SNMP Management Console’s way of displaying SNMP data in a flexible graphical format. Forms can be groups of items that show objects in a clean, colorful formatted view; bitmaps of devices with ports that change color, depending on the value of the SNMP response; or multiple choice writable SNMP lists for configuring a server.
Any type of SNMP object can be placed on a form. Each object’s display format can be adjusted to meet the needs of your display requirements. Example forms include an IP route form that allows you to view or set the status of multiple IP routes from the devices route table, or a System Information form that lets you set certain system information writable objects.
To modify the sampling behavior of a form, right-click on the form and select Form Properties. The Form Properties dialog will be displayed.
Forms are created and modified using the Forms Designer in the MIB Editor. List requests are created and modified using the MIB Editor.