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How to show and use older features (Classic Mode)
Starting in version, some older features are hidden from view by default. You must turn on Classic Mode to show and use these older Observer features.
Prerequisite(s): or higher
Windows user account that can restart the Observer application
Preparation for up to one minute of Observer downtime
Tip! Classic Mode is turned off by default.
An updated user interface was introduced in version of Observer. The updated user interface places the most popular features in one area—the Home tab on the ribbon. Some of the older or less popular features were relocated to Classic Mode because of this change.
Turning on Classic Mode reveals a new tab on the ribbon: Classic. This tab provides access to older features.
1. Click the File tab, and click Options > General Options.
2. Ensure you are viewing the General tab, and then scroll down until you see the Startup and runtime settings list.
3. Select Enable Classic Mode in the Startup and runtime settings list.
A confirmation message appears that says Classic Mode activates after the next restart of the Observer.
Figure 4: Confirmation message
4. Restart the Observer application.
You turned on Classic Mode, so the Classic tab now shows on the ribbon.