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Capturing network traffic
Capture packets so you can use Expert analysis to identify network problems and to help determine the best course of action.
Tip! Are you seeing duplicate packets collected during your capture? Do you want to ignore them? See .
Using Observer, network traffic can be captured in real-time and examined immediately or later. This section describes several methods for capturing network traffic using Observer.
Observer makes capturing network traffic easy. The very simplest way to capture packets (i.e. create a packet capture) is to use the Packet Capture tool as described below:
1. On the Home tab, in the Capture group, click Configuration > Packet Capture.
2. Click the Start button to begin your packet capture. If desired, filters can be defined before the capture from Filters > Configure Software Filter.
Capture options like buffer size and where to save packets is configured in Settings. At any time during the capture, click Decode to open the Decode tool and display the Expert Analysis.
3. Click Stop to complete the packet capture.
After completing this task:
After capturing is complete, you may want to:
Save your capture—select Save > Save Capture to keep a shareable buffer file. For information about saving packet captures, see Saving packet captures.
Analyze the capture—click Decode to examine the captured packets and how they interact over the network.