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Capturing from multiple probe instances
Capturing from multiple probes allows you to collect multiple, synchronized packet captures from multiple points of visibility, which can be especially useful in Multi-Hop Analysis. Complete the following steps:
1. On the Home tab, in the Capture group, click Configuration > Capture Multiple.
2. Select the probe instances you want to capture from, and, if desired, set filters for any of the instances enabled for capture.
3. Click Start to begin the synchronized packet captures. Meanwhile, the Multiple Instance Packet Capture dialog appears.
4. If you want any remote packet captures transferred and saved locally (and you should if you intend to run Multi-Hop Analysis), ensure the Transfer and Save Packet Captures setting is enabled.
5. You can also choose to load Multi-Hop Analysis immediately upon completing the packet capture. To do this, ensure the Start MultiHop Analysis setting is enabled.
6. Click the Stop button after Observer collects enough packets for your purpose.