Building an address book automatically
Typically, you can use the Discover Network Names tool successfully without additional setup. The default method of discovery is IP. In this method, Observer attempts to use ARP to discover all of the addresses in the IP address range given in the IP configuration, and listens for any additional addresses that may show up over time.
Tip! We recommend running the discovery process long enough to ensure the resulting address book is complete—this process can take several hours on larger networks; you may consider running the discovery process overnight when network load is typically lowest.
To build an address book automatically, complete the following steps:
1. On the Home tab, in the Tools group, click Discover Names.
2. Click Start to begin the discovery process.
3. Click Stop to end the discovery process.
4. Click Save Aliases to save your results.
You successfully built an address book, which will help you throughout numerous portions of Observer in the future because other modes and tools rely on it.