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Viewing bandwidth utilization with a filter
Bandwidth Utilization with Filter offers the same features and functionality as the Bandwidth Utilization tool; however, only filtered data appears. If you have multiple filters applied, they are applied with a logical OR expression.
Bandwidth utilization is calculated by recording the number of bytes seen by the Observer (or probe) station. By running the mode at different times under typical network load, you can get an idea of what “normal” utilization is for your network. Knowing what is normal for your network is key to understanding any analyzer statistical modes and putting them in context. After you understand and recognize what is normal for your network, you can easily spot the anomalies if and when they occur.
To view real-time bandwidth utilization as seen by a probe instance and with one or more filters applied:
On the Home tab, in the Statistics group, click Utilization > Filtered Utilization.