Upgrading the probe software
Observer and probe software must be within the same major release. This may require you to upgrade your probe software.
If the version of Observer or GigaStor that you are upgrading was installed on a 32-bit operating system and you have upgraded the operating system to 64-bit, the installer upgrades existing installation to 64-bit version keeping the same path.
Version 17 requires a 64-bit operating system. If you previously installed a 32-bit version, the same installation directory is used.
Use information from this section when upgrading to a new major version of the probe software. Before upgrading have the following available:
Latest probe software installation program. Download the latest version from the VIAVI http://update.viavisolutions.com/latest/ObserverSetupx64.exe update site.
Your probe license information.
Note: If you are using encryption keys with Observer, you can continue to use your existing keys or transfer them to your probe (and analyzer) as necessary.
Upgrading the probe software directly
On the probe:
1. Start the Observer installation program.
2. Follow the on-screen instructions and choose your probe type.
3. After the installer completes, restart the system.
New major builds may have new drivers or other files that require a restart.
4. Connect the probe to an Observer.
FAQ: Licensing and updating
Some customer concerns deal with licensing and updating issues. Explore this good resource for licensing and updating help, or call the Technical Support department for further assistance.
How to license Observer and GigaStor
To license and activate a compatible GigaStor, Observer, or Probe:
1. Install and launch the application.
2. After launching the application in DEMO mode, click the Help menu and select License Observer.
3. Click the Enter Name button in the lower left corner.
4. Type into the Contact/Department and Company boxes exactly what is listed in your license document.
5. Click OK, and then click Accept on the confirmation dialog.
6. Ensure the Identification Number matches the number on your license document. If they do not match, click Re-Type Name? to correct any mistakes.
7. Type the license number, from your license document, into the License Number box.
8. Click OK.
You successfully licensed and activated your product.
If licensing and activating your product remains unsuccessful, please contact Technical Support.
How to update your license
If Observer or GigaStor is already licensed and you need to modify, update, or change that license, you can do so.
This task requires you have already licensed your Observer or GigaStor.
This task cannot be completed if the license to your Observer or GigaStor is managed by OMS. Instead, refer to How to edit an asset license.
Updating your license refers to changing, editing, or updating the license that is already applied to your product. Some reasons for needing to do this can include:
Activating a new license. The new license might provide different or increased functionality over your existing license, like increased data storage for a GigaStor Software Edition (GSE).
Changing a license. Perhaps you accidentally applied the wrong license to your product and need to change it.
To update a license:
1. Click the File tab, and click Info > License Observer.
2. Click OK to confirm you want to re-license.
3. Type the license number, from your license document, into the License Number box.
4. Click the Re-Type Name? button in the lower left corner.
5. Type into the Contact/Department and Company boxes exactly what is listed in your license document.
6. Click OK, and then click OK on the confirmation dialog.
You successfully updated your license. Observer begins using the license the next time Observer is launched.
Close and restart Observer for the new license to take effect. You may need to coordinate a suitable time to do so if restarting would affect many users or significantly interrupt your data collection.
Why is my license number not working?
Each license number is case-sensitive, so be sure to type it in exactly the way it was given to you. Also, if you copy-pasted the license number into the activation prompt, be sure you did not introduce a leading or trailing space character—those are not part of your license number.
Ensure you are licensing the correct version of Observer. License numbers are version-specific. License numbers work within equal major version numbers of the product only. For example, an 17.0 license can be used to activate 17.x versions but not 16.1, 16.0, 15.1, 15.0, etc.
Could I have my license re-sent to me?
Yes. If you lost the original information containing your license number, please contact us so we can resend your license document(s).
What type of license do I have?
The type of license you have is described in your license document. Each license document contains a license number, and the document describes which software version the license number applies to. If it does not, or you notice any other error, please call our support team for assistance.
Should I uninstall Observer before updating it?
If you wish to update your existing Observer software to a newly released version within the same major release number, you do not need to uninstall your existing version for the update process to succeed. Simply install the new version over the old.
Backing up your GigaStor settings
You can back up most Observer settings and configuration data. Backups are useful when migrating to new hardware, upgrading the operating system, or recovering from data loss.
Caution: If you are using data encryption on your GigaStor system, you must save the encryption keys before upgrading the operating system. Because the keys are typically stored on the operating system drive, they will be lost during the upgrade process. If you do not have a copy of the keys elsewhere, you will not be able to access stored data (packets) after the upgrade is complete.
Your Observer may not have each directory referenced in this topic, but you can back up those that are present. Use whatever backup method is best for you.
To back up many Observer settings and files, do the following:
Copy the files and directories in Table 43 to a backup location. This must be a location other than the operating system drive of the system you are planning to upgrade.
These are the default installation directories that contain Observer settings and configuration data:
For 32-bit Windows: C:\Program Files (x86)\Observer
For 64-bit Windows: C:\Program Files\Observer
Table 43. Directory or files to back up
Directory or file
Network Trending
C:\Program Files\Observer\NetworkTrending
This contains your Network Trending data. If you have changed the default location for Network Trending data, you must to back up the new location. Use the Folders tab in Options > General Options to verify which folder is used for trending data.
Protocol Definitions
C:\Program Files\Observer\ProtocolDefs
This contains any modifications or additions you have made to the protocol definitions list for each probe instance. Back up in all cases.
Multicast Definitions
C:\Program Files\Observer\MulticastDefinitions
This contains the templates for defining trading multicast streams for Network Trending. Back up if you use trading multicasts in Network Trending.
C:\Program Files\Observer\Settings
This contains alarms and triggers. Back up if you heavily use alarms or have alarm/trigger customizations that need to be retained.
C:\Program Files\Observer\Forensics
This contains your SNORT information, such as rules, for detecting malicious activity in your packet captures. Back up if you use SNORT.
Expert Thresholds
C:\Program Files\Observer\ExpertSettings
This contains your thresholds stored in Expert settings. These include TCP/UDP events and some triggers for problem identification. Back up if you have modified any Expert thresholds and want to retain those customizations.
C:\Program Files\Observer\SNMP
This contains any custom MIBs, compiled MIBs, request files and SNMP trending data. Back up if you have made SNMP changes or have SNMP trending data. Use the Folders tab in Options > General Options to verify which folder is used for SNMP.
Address Tables
C:\Program Files\Observer\LocalAddressTable
This contains your Discover Network Names list. Back up if you have run Discover Network Names and have saved the alias list.
C:\Program Files\Observer\ProbeAddressTable
This contains the Discover Network Names list from any remote probe that has connected to this Observer analyzer. Back up if you have run remote Discover Network Names and saved the alias list.
C:\Program Files\Observer\Scripts
This contains the scripts for Observer. Back up if you have created or modified a script.
Windows Registry
Using Regedit, export the following registry branch:
32-bit Windows operating system running any version, or 64-bit Windows operating system running version 16 or higher:
Make note of the license information in Info > License Observer. You need the contact/department, company, identification number, and license number.