ATA is reporting inaccurate values
If ATA is showing data for Response Time or Response Packets and other columns that does not meet your expectations, check the Ignore response times longer than setting. It may be set too high or too low for your environment affecting the statistics reported.
ATA is based on statistical analysis. By default, Observer ignores any response time greater than 10 seconds. This is to present you with reasonable statistics while removing any outliers that take an exceedingly long time to respond. You can lower this value to exclude even more values (thereby showing reporting on a smaller, tighter data set) or increase the value to include a greater range of response times as necessary based on your environment.
1. On the Home tab, in the Capture group, click Network Trending > Network Trending.
2. Select the server that is reporting data you believe to be inaccurate and choose Edit.
Figure 51: Add/Edit Application Transaction Analysis Server
3. Change the Ignore response times longer than option to a value that meets your needs.
This value is server specific, so you may need to change or adjust this value for each of your servers. It also means that servers can have different values that are appropriate to their environment and your expectations for it.
The reported statistics should begin to match your expectations. If not, repeat this process until you find a value that works for you.