Analyzing servers and applications using ATA
Critical application servers should be added to Expert Analysis for Application Transaction Analysis.
Prerequisite: Observer Expert or Observer Suite
Application Transaction Analysis (ATA) is a tool that shows you the following information about your applications and servers in Layers 5-7.
Application response time
Application errors (if any)
Total application requests
Network delay
FIX Statistics
Tip! If you are not sure why you would want to add any servers or applications to ATA, see Understanding the Network Trending tool. Until you configure the tool, nothing useful appears. Follow the steps provided in this section to complete the prerequisite configuration process and begin using Application Transaction Analysis. If you need a better idea of what ATA provides, see Figure 49 for an example.
Note: All response times shown in Observer are relative to the location where the capture takes place (that is, wherever the probe is located). If your probe is in London and you are in New York with your Observer, the capture times are relative to the time in London, not New York. Be mindful of this during any analysis.
Figure 49: An example of Application Transaction Analysis
To begin configuring Application Transaction Analysis, complete the following steps:
1. Choose how to add the server.
Right-click an expert conversation and choose Add Server to Application Transaction Analysis.
Complete the following steps.
2. On the Home tab, in the Capture group, click Network Trending > Network Trending.
3. Click the Settings button.
4. Select the Application Transaction Analysis group from the leftmost panel.
5. Ensure the Response Time Analysis grouping is selected, located at the leftmost portion of the window.
6. Click Discover or Add.
7. Ensure Live Statistics and Network Trending Statistics are selected.