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Adding triggers based on SNMP chart values
Observer Suite's SNMP request file format also allows you to set triggers on any SNMP value. For example, if the request file includes a bandwidth utilization chart, you can configure an email alarm to trigger when a utilization threshold has been exceeded.
Observer Suite's SNMP functionality does not just provide read access to SNMP objects. You can use an SNMP form request to manage your network from Observer .
1. To configure a request file chart item to set alarms triggered by SNMP values, open a writable request file and select the chart for which you want to set an alarm. Right-click and choose Properties from the pop-up menu.
2. Double-click on any item in the chart to edit its properties. The Chart Item Properties wizard appears.
3. Click Next three times.
4. Check the upper and/or lower threshold you want to set an alarm for, and click the Edit Alarm Response button to set up log, pager, email, or application launch behavior when the given threshold is met. Click Finish to return to the MIB Editor. To save your work, right-click on the unsaved request file icon and choose Save file from the popup menu. The request file icon changes to show that all edits have been saved to disk.